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NBS Client - Chris from Tasman Bay Plumbing

Tasman Bay Plumbing enjoy tailored banking solutions.

I’ve been doing my personal and business banking with NBS for about four years now. They’re easy to deal with, really friendly, and very quick. They look at the whole picture and tailor solutions to suit your needs. We weren’t happy with our original bank and knew we needed to change to be able to grow the business.

My accountant suggested we look at NBS. With the old bank, it was just hard work. They were a big corporate. I’ve been running Tasman Bay Plumbing for 15 years now and we have about 25 staff.

It’s important to bank with people who understand your business. We have bills that need to be paid and sometimes we’re still waiting to get paid. NBS can help us out with cashflow and make it happen very easily. If I need anything, I just call my personal banker.

It’s much easier than going through a call centre dealing with someone who doesn’t know you. The thing with NBS is that they’re local. They offer good old-fashioned service. There’s no paperwork going out of town and up the food chain. Everything gets dealt with straight away. They take the stress out of day-to-day business.