Moving forward while celebrating the past is the vision for NBS.

We have a modern look that shows our contemporary side while also acknowledging our respect for good, old-fashioned values. We believe in continuing those principles that helped NBS to become a success way back in those gold-rush days of the 1860’s. Not that it’s anything new. We’ve been doing it for one hundred and fifty years now and it seems to be something that our customers can relate to – because the things that really matter to people, like trust, friendliness, performance and dependability, never go out of fashion.

NBS is New Zealand’s oldest Building Society. NBS was founded in 1862 to provide housing and personal finance in the Nelson region. NBS is a building society registered under the Building Societies Act 1965. NBS has expanded into the Tasman, West Coast, Golden Bay and Mid Canterbury regions and continues to offer traditional banking services: loans, deposits and transactional banking to retail and SME customers. The predominant lending activity remains the provision of owner-occupied home loans.

NBS is not a registered bank.

The Directors of NBS and its executive management team are experienced in the financial services and banking industries.

Looking after Depositors’ money is something NBS takes very seriously. Diversification of risk is coupled with robust governance, experienced management and a rigorous approach to lending. More than 90% of loans are secured by first mortgages against real property in the Nelson, Tasman, West Coast and Mid Canterbury regions.

NBS is funded through retail deposits. These deposits have varying maturity dates which assist in managing liquidity and re-financing risk.

NBS holds a credit rating of BB+ Negative from Fitch Ratings, a Reserve Bank approved credit rating agency.