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Residential Term

Our Lending Specialists are here to design a home loan solution to meet your needs. 

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We're able to tailor the characteristics of your loan to provide you with the flexibility and simplicity you require.

Our Lending Specialists are here to design a home loan solution to meet your needs. 

Talk to one of our Lending Specialists today.

How it Works

  • Repayments are made up of both principal and interest. 
  • Decide how quickly you want to repay your home loan; the maximum term is 25 years. 
  • You can choose to increase principal repayments above the minimum required which will help you repay the loan faster, saving on interest costs. 

Repayment Options

Fixed rate 

  • Your minimum repayments will always be the same making budgeting easier.
  • Choose monthly, fortnightly or weekly repayments.
  • You can make lump-sum payments totalling $50,000 within a 12-month period with no early repayment adjustment (ERA).
  • If you have a fixed rate home loan that you want to repay sooner than the contracted term, contact us to see if an ERA is applicable.
  • Maximum term is 25 years.

 Floating/Variable rate

  • Interest rates can go up or down depending on market changes.
  • Choose monthly, fortnightly or weekly repayments.
  • This option lets you repay some or all of your loan at any time.
  • Maximum term is 25 years.

Rates & Fees

NBS Home Loan Rates
1 Year Fixed 7.75% p.a.
2 Year Fixed 7.35% p.a.
Variable 9.00% p.a.
NBS Flexi Loan - Interest rates start from 9.00% p.a.

Interest rates are current and subject to change.

NBS Residential Term, Residential Redraw, NBS Interest Only
Loan Establishment Fee From $450.00
Loan Additional Funds $250.00
Interest Rate Review $50.00
Discharge Mortgage Fee $50.00
Default Interest Rate 4.00% p.a. above annual interest rate
Default Administration Fee $45.00 per event
Insurance Arrears Payment Fee $25.00
Rates Arrears Payment Fee $25.00
Motor Vehicle Security Variation/Security Swap Fee $30.00
Duplicate Statement Fee $5.00
Early Repayment Adjustment (Formula based calculation required CCCFA) P.O.A
Early Repayment Administration Cost $50.00

Fees are subject to change. 


Terms and Conditions

NBS’ current Loan Agreement Specific Terms and General Lending Terms are available free of charge from any NBS branch. NBS lending criteria and the above terms apply.