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NBS Mobile Banking

Bank anywhere, anytime.

The NBS Mobile Banking App allows you to take your bank everywhere you go.  

Designed for both Android and iOS (iPhone or iPad) devices the app is easy to use, secure, and easy on your mobile data.

To get the NBS Mobile Banking App, download the latest version from your App. Store.

It's free to download, but your usual data costs and standard Internet Banking transaction and service charges will apply.

Having trouble? Call into your local NBS branch or phone 0800 101 700 for help.

iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc. Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.  

Manage my Cards
A New option to “Manage Cards” is available within the Services section on the App. 
Allows you to view a list of all your cards, in addition to being able to block or unblock your card temporarily.

Biometric Login
Enable TouchID/Fingerprint on App. Set up.
Upon FIRST login, you can enable TouchID/Fingerprint to log into the App.

Enable FaceID on App. Set up.
Upon FIRST login, you can enable FaceID (IOS Only) to log into the App.

Existing Users can Enable/Disable TouchID/Fingerprint within the App. 
Change my fingerprint login preference in settings > Security > Login in with TouchID / Fingerprint.
If fingerprint is correctly validated, you will no longer be required to enter pin / password / security question to gain access to Mobile Banking.

Enable/Disable FaceID within the App.
Change my FaceID login preference in Settings > Security > Login in with TouchID / Fingerprint.
If Face is correctly validated, you will no longer be required to enter pin / password / security question to gain access to Mobile Banking.

Rename Accounts
You can personalise your account names by selecting the account, then selecting details and Account Name.

Share / Copy Account Number
Select an Account, then Details and select the Account Number. An option to copy or share the account number will be displayed and you can share via a list of available device apps.

Share Payment Receipt
Select the Account, then the Transaction, then select View Receipt and share via a list of available device apps.

Manage Upcoming Payments
Select Pay/Transfer > Upcoming Payments from list, you can edit (update amount, payment date, frequency, end date and statement details) and skip payments.

You will also have the option to permanently cancel Automatic Payments.

Change Password
Users can now also Change Password, Enable Security PIN, Change PIN and Enable Log in with TouchID/FaceID in the Security menu.

IRD Payments
There is a new item in "Pay/Transfer" - "IRD Payments" – making it easier to pay your taxes.

Disable User Access
It is now possible to see a list of devices linked to your account.
Settings > Security > Linked devices.
Remove any devices you are no longer using or do not recognise.

Guest Login
It is now possible to temporarily log into your account using someone else’s device from the Login screen, or allow someone else to login as a guest user from your device. 
Settings > User > Login as guest.

Secondary User Account - Functionality to View both Personal and Business/Not-for-Profit Accounts
Where you have authority – You will be able to add secondary user accounts, allowing you to switch between Personal and Business/Not-for-Profit when required.

NBS Mobile is designed specifically to provide the best banking experience on iPhone and Android devices. It gives NBS customers a mobile banking service focused on functions that we know are used most.


The NBS Mobile App is compatible with Apple devices using iOS 14 and above. For Android devices, version 8.0 and above are supported.

The NBS Mobile app is free to download from the Apple app store and Google Play. Just search for 'NBS Mobile'. This should only take a few minutes to complete.


It's free to download and install. However, usual data costs apply as determined by each customer's relationship with their mobile service provider. Standard NBS Online Banking and services charges will apply.


You will need:

  • To register at your local NBS branch or phone 0800 101 700.
  • An active cellular (3G/4G) or wireless internet connection.
  • An iPhone or iPod touch (version iOS 14 or later), or Android (version 8.0 or later).
  • An NBS transaction or savings account.

If you change your mobile device, you should deregister the NBS Mobile app from your old device first. If you are having problems registering on your new device, just uninstall the NBS Mobile app, then install again. Or phone 0800 101 700 to speak with an NBS staff member.

Yes. Banking information on your device is only available while you are logged on to NBS Mobile. Once NBS Mobile is closed, you must re-login for your information to be accessible. 

We recommend you always adhere to manufacturer’s software and support to ensure your mobile devices are covered by the latest software and security updates available from the manufacturer.

If you are connecting to NBS Mobile via a Wi-Fi network, we recommend you use a trusted network.


You should always keep your mobile device safe and it is recommended to protect your mobile device with a password. If your device is lost or stolen please call us immediately on 0800 101 700.

NBS Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions are available to view in the Apple App Store and Google Play. By downloading the App customers accept these conditions. Terms and Conditions are then available to view in the 'Settings' section of the app once you have downloaded the app.

NBS Mobile is subject to NBS Electronic Banking Terms and Conditions. They are in addition to and are to be read in conjunction with NBS General Terms and Conditions.

Where dual authorisation (two or more signatures are required to transact) the NBS Mobile app has limited functions.