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All businesses have their ups and downs - an overdraft facility stays in place, giving you access to additional cash flow whenever you need it.

NBS offers flexible overdraft terms to assist you in managing the day to day challenges of running a business, small or large.

Take advantage of

  • Available credit to ensure you can pay wages and other invoices
  • Competitive secured and unsecured interest rates
  • Temporary overdraft limit increases available (subject to NBS lending criteria)
  • Access funds via NBS Online Banking, the NBS Mobile App, or in-branch
  • A reduction of overdraft limit based on a set time period

Rates & Fees

Overdraft Facility Rates
Personal Interest Rate Range 11.50% p.a. - 22.25% p.a.
NBS Business Interest Rates start from 14.00% p.a.
NBS Rural Interest Rates start from 14.00% p.a.

Interest rates are current and subject to change.

Business Overdraft Fees
Overdraft Establishment Fees 1.00% (minimum charge $50.00)
Overdraft Facility Fee (Arranged) 0.18% of the limit per month (minimum charge $5.00)
Default Interest Rate 10.00% p.a. above annual interest rate
Default Administration Fee $25.00
Unarranged Excess Fee $25.00
Insurance Arrears Payment $25.00
Rates Arrears Payment $25.00
Motor Vehicle Security Variation/Security Swap Fee $30.00
Duplicate Statement Fee $5.00

Fees are subject change.

Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum overdraft limit- $500.00
  • Maximum overdraft limit- subject to your ability to meet credit and debt servicing criteria
  • We may need some security, such as residential property, commercial property or business assets

All lending is subject to NBS lending criteria, as well as the terms and conditions for each specific product. These are available free of charge from any NBS branch. Establishment fees and service fees may also apply.