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NBS are proud to support Netherby School and their Whānau Hui breakfast club

We believe. We invest.

NBS supports over 300 not-for-profit organisations and currently invests over $1.3 million annually into our communities.

We can do this, thanks to the 20,000 plus clients, who choose us as their banking provider. 

Please read our community engagement guidelines to learn more about our community engagement and sponsorship programme, and to see if your organisation is eligible to receive funds.


How the application process works:

1. Read the community engagement guidelines here to find out if you are eligible to apply.

2. Choose to complete the relevant application form (over or under $2,500) either online or by downloading a copy and then submit your application.

3. We'll review your application and let you know the outcome

Are you ready to make an application?

If you have read our guidelines and would like to apply for sponsorship, please complete the appropriate application form below.

Sponsorship applications under $2,500

If you’d prefer to complete a paper form, click here to download

Sponsorship applications over $2,500

If you’d prefer to complete a paper form, click here to download



We will consider one application from any group within a financial year. Our financial year runs 1 April – 31 March.  

Yes, the contract will always have the GST included. This means when you are making an application, please share the total dollar figure required and add 15%. 

Please get in touch with your local NBS Branch if you have any questions about your application. 

Now that I have applied – what happens next?

We’ll be in touch with the outcome of your application as soon as we can.  

We do get a large number of requests each week, so some applications can take up to one month to review and process. If your request is time-sensitive, this will be taken into consideration.  

If your application is successful, you'll be issued with a contract. Once the contract has been signed, you are invited to issue us with an invoice for the agreed sponsorship amount.