Kathy gets a brand new SUBARU XV Sport.

Posted on 21 April 2021

Target Account Winner Kathy drives away with a brand new SUBARU XV Sport.


Kathy Wilkens has had a rough few years. Five years ago her husband died suddenly, leaving her a widow at age 50. Then, last October, her garage burned down and the family lost everything.

But last week she got a phone call from NBS. On the other end was its commercial manager Howie Timms who was saying that Kathy had just won a car.

She had opened an account in NBS’ ‘target saver’ where account holders are picked three times a year to win a new car.

“I was a bit suspicious but then I started shaking with excitement,” says Kathy.

Kathy’s name had been pulled as the winner, among thousands of entries. She had never owned a brand-new car, let alone a Subaru XV Sport from Dayman Motors.

“After everything that’s happened, it’s really nice to have something nice happen to me.” Not only that, but the next day was Kathy’s birthday. “I’ve never had a new car. I’m 56 so I’m going to get 20 years of motoring out of it,”

Republished from Nelson Weekly. Story by Charles Anderson.

 Image: Dayman Motors’ Garry Dayman and NBS branch manager Peter Havill gift Kathy Wilkens the keys to her new Subaru XV Sport. Photo: Tim Cuff.

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