Security cameras reducing crimes

Posted on 21 July 2022

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Security cameras reducing crimes

A new security camera network in Brightwater has enabled police to solve 80 to 90 per cent more petty crime since they were installed recently.

Chairman for the Brightwater Community Association, Matt Stuart, says previously they would have had no idea who was responsible for the smaller crimes in the area.

The new cameras have helped police solve way more of the crime that has gone on here than they would have prior. Previously, we would have had no idea who had been cutting the newly-planted trees in half or who was breaking into cars. The list goes on.

The Brightwater Association came up with the idea of installing the cameras after speaking to local constable Jamie White.

“It was driven along by the fact we were constantly hearing of small things happening, like windows getting smashed and other things which were causing financial and emotional distress to the community,” Matt says.

Some local businesses have helped with either financing the equipment or donating the power that the cameras hook up to. There are 11 locations so far, with some having two or three cameras angled in different directions.

“It got to a point were we needed a more flash camera that recognises car number plates instantly and sends a notification directly to the police, but that cost so much more and we needed help with costs.”

So the association approached NBS, who provide financial support to various community projects each year.

NBS Community Engagement Manager Nic Foster says that NBS supports local groups involved with everything from sports and recreation to social enterprises and arts and culture.

Any project where we see good community outcomes is where we like to help. And this was a perfect one for us as it’s had a great outcome already and has proved extremely helpful for Brightwater.

Matt says it’s also great for helping out other communities who may not have security cameras rigged up yet.

“If you are coming into this district and have just committed a crime, there is a very good chance we’re going to get you. For example, if someone robs a house in Dovedale and drives through here with a trailer full of stolen goods thinking they have got away with it, they actually haven’t,” Matt says.

“Good luck if you want to come into Brightwater,” he adds.

Article and photo by Jo Kent, Waimea Weekly, 13th July 2022

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