Partnership putting helmets on heads

Posted on 14 June 2023

NBS, has recently announced a partnership with Rev Bikes and the Nelson Bike Hub. This collaboration aims to enhance access to sustainable transportation for the community, particularly refugees and individuals seeking affordable means of commuting to work.

The Nelson Bike Hub, a non-profit organisation, dedicates its efforts to restoring pre-loved bicycles and getting them to members of the community who lack access to reliable transportation. Recognising the transformative impact of their work, NBS and Rev Bikes have stepped forward as sponsors and contributors, facilitating the provision of essential bike helmets for those cyclists who are unable to afford them.

The partnership between NBS and Rev Bikes has enabled the Nelson Bike Hub to not only expand their reach but also ensure the safety of individuals who rely on bicycles as their primary mode of transportation. By providing funding for the purchase of bike helmets, NBS and Rev Bikes are actively supporting the community in promoting safer cycling practices, reducing the risk of injuries, and increasing overall well-being.

NBS’ Community Engagement Manager, Nic Foster, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating,

At NBS, we believe in the power of community and the positive impact that access to sustainable transportation can have on people's lives. By collaborating with Rev Bikes, we are proud to support the Hub’s mission of empowering individuals with the freedom to commute and explore their surroundings. We are especially delighted to contribute to the provision of bike helmets, promoting safety and ensuring a secure cycling experience for everyone."

The Nelson Bike Hub, through their tireless dedication, has already made a huge difference in the lives of numerous individuals within the community. Their efforts have been particularly invaluable for refugees who are new to the region and individuals striving to secure employment opportunities. By supplying reliable transportation options, the Nelson Bike Hub enhances accessibility, self-reliance, and ultimately fosters a sense of belonging.

We are extremely grateful for the generous sponsorship from NBS and Rev Bikes," said Matt Lawrey from the Nelson Bike Hub. "Their support allows us to extend our reach and positively impact the lives of more individuals in our community."

Through this partnership, NBS, Rev Bikes and the Nelson Bike Hub are paving the way for a more inclusive and sustainable community. By combining their resources and expertise, the three organisations are furthering their shared commitment to nurturing thriving communities and creating lasting social change.

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