NBS sponsors Gary Baseman Exhibition at the Suter Art Gallery

Posted on 09 March 2023

The vision of internationally acclaimed, interdisciplinary artist Gary Baseman and his wonderful world of hybrid creatures is set to grace The Suter Art Gallery in a truly unparalleled exhibition. Opening to the public on March 18, Memento Moa represents a momentous achievement for the vibrant art scene in New Zealand, and more specifically, for the residents of Nelson Tasman. Baseman's colourful characters, woven into mesmerizing landscapes, traverse the intricacies of migration, memory, and mortality, evoking a depth of emotion that is sure to leave a lasting impression on visitors both young and old.

Through Memento Moa, Baseman reimagines Aotearoa New Zealand as a land of rebirth and harmony, with a unique art style that blends playful, cartoonish characters with dark and complex themes. The exhibition features a range of media, including paintings, drawings, moving images, and installations, providing visitors with an exciting and engaging experience of Baseman's artistic vision.

The Suter Art Gallery, in partnership with NBS, and Baseman, have worked tirelessly to ensure that the exhibition goes beyond the boundaries of the art world, to foster a sense of community involvement, inspiration, and education. Memento Moa is an immersive exploration of family, history, and the essence of home, one that urges visitors to join Gary Baseman in creating art inspired by those they love and cherish.

NBS has been supporting the local community for over 160 years, and their partnership with The Suter Art Gallery on this exhibition is a testament to their commitment to fostering creativity and cultural development in the region.

The exhibition is complemented by a host of associated events that are sure to delight visitors. Among the offerings is a free, family-friendly workshop where you can “Discover Your Own Moa”, an exclusive “Friends of The Suter” opening event, art talks designed especially for NMIT students and local teachers, and a teenage drawing workshop, each of which is sure to inspire and engage.

Free to all visitors, Memento Moa opens on March 18th and runs until the 11th of June. The Suter Art Gallery Te Aratoi o Whakatū invites everyone to come and experience the unique and captivating world of Gary Baseman.

To find out more about the "Discover Your Own Moa" workshop or to reserve your spot, visit www.thesuter.org.nz.

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