Free Swimming Lessons for 140 Nelson-Tasman Children

Posted on 28 June 2023

NBS, in collaboration with CLM, is proud to announce the sponsorship of two terms of free swimming lessons for 140 school children across the Nelson-Tasman region. The initiative aims to provide invaluable opportunities for children who may not have had access to swimming tuition due to financial constraints.

As an island nation surrounded by oceans, lakes, and rivers, swimming is a fundamental skill and a national rite of passage in New Zealand. However, the country has unfortunately experienced high rates of drowning, largely due to limited access to swimming education. By offering swimming lessons at the primary school age, NBS and CLM aim to address this issue and equip children with essential water safety skills.

NBS has generously provided the financial support necessary to facilitate two terms of swimming lessons for up to 140 children in the Nelson-Tasman region. In addition, NBS has purchased 140 pairs of goggles, ensuring that each child receives the necessary equipment to enhance their swimming experience.

Nic Foster, Community Engagement Manager at NBS, emphasised the long-term value of teaching children to swim, stating:

Learning to swim is not only a fun skill, but it can also save lives by enabling individuals to navigate dangerous water situations. We are delighted to contribute to a large number of lessons for children who may otherwise never have the opportunity to learn this essential skill."

Vaughan Hope, Facility Manager at Richmond Aquatic Centre, expressed his appreciation for NBS' investment and highlighted the significant need for swimming lessons in the community.

We are dedicated to delivering high-quality swimming lessons and recognise the immense value in teaching this life-saving skill. We are extremely grateful for NBS' support, and I am confident that the children benefiting from this sponsorship will be immensely thankful for the opportunity to learn and receive free goggles," said Hope.

This initiative underscores NBS' commitment to the well-being and safety of the Nelson-Tasman community. By partnering with CLM and investing in swimming lessons, NBS aims to make a lasting positive impact and help address the alarming rates of drowning in New Zealand.

Families interested in nominating children for free lessons can do so via the Richmond Aquatic Centre Facebook page.

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