Variable Rate Loans

Flexibility for lump sum and early repayments

  • Tailor your repayments to suit the businesses cash flow
  • Make lump sum payments or repay in full at any time

NBS Agribusiness Manager can give you all the information to help you select from the available options to structure a loan that suits your business.

  • The variable interest rate is regularly reviewed in line with current market rates
  • Payments can increase and decrease overtime with the market
  • Lets you repay some or all of your loan at anytime without fees

Table - Structured to provide equal payments. Each payment consists of less interest and more principal than the previous payment.

Reducing - Payments steadily reduce over time, although the initial payments can be higher than with a table loan.

Interest Only - Suitable it you need to cover a period of time until capital is available to repay the loan in full.

Interest rates for NBS Rural Lending are determined on a case by case basis. Talk to your Agribusiness Manager

All lending is subject to NBS lending criteria, as well as the terms and conditions for each specific product. These are available from any NBS branch.