NBS Target

Here's the way to really grow your savings NBS Target is the ideal way to reach your savings targets

And . . . For every one hundred dollars in the account, you go in the draw to win $5,000 cash every month

  • Monthly prize draw of $5,000
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid every month
  • One free withdrawal per month
  • Minimum account balance $100
  • No monthly base fees



  • Registration of NBS Mobile and Lifestyle Net
  • Every $100 in your account gives you one chance to WIN $5,000 is out monthly prize draw

NBS Target

All Credit balances  1.00%p.a.
Interest rates are subject to change.

NBS Target Fees

Monthly base fee None
If your balance drops below $100 $5.00
Transfers via NBS Mobile or Lifestyle Net (1 per month) Free
Automatic payment, direct debit N/A
Subsequent withdrawals $5.00
Staff assisted branch transactions and Lifestyle Net Free
Assisted transactions (1 per month)
Subsequent withdrawals $5.00
Electronic and Manual Transactions - fees are charged on a per transaction basis. Fees are subject to change.

NBS General Terms & Conditions apply. Target Account Terms & Conditions apply. NBS' current Disclosure Statement is available free of charge at any NBS branch.