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NBS are always there for us.

NBS clients - Trevor and Mike – The Copier Company

NBS have been with us right from the start.

We teamed up with NBS in 2004, just after we started The Copier Company. We started with nothing and now we have 17 staff. We were working for the opposition and we thought: ‘We can do better. There’s room for someone local in this town’. We primarily service Ricoh copiers in the top of the South, including Kaikoura and the West Coast, with offices in Nelson, Blenheim and Greymouth.  Now we’re bigger than all our competitors combined. It’s been a great journey and NBS have been with us all the way. They’ve been a great supporter.

We like the fact that they’re local, with local authority. Many banks have 0800 numbers and you don’t know whether you’re talking to somebody overseas or New Zealand. The bigger banks are becoming more and more centralised. You can meet with them, but you won’t get a decision. With NBS, you talk to them and you get a decision straight away. 

I would describe NBS as supportive, with good people you can get on with. It’s a good culture, everyone is friendly and happy to help. 

Back in the day our systems were all manual, it was very paper intensive. There was a lot of labour on NBS’ part to deal with our paperwork. Now our systems are much more automated, and so are theirs. They’ve invested in modern banking systems and processes, and they’re right up there. We’re always talking with other business owners and we talk about the fact that NBS is as good as the big boys.