Chose the rates, stayed for the service.  

NBS clients - Jim and Kyra

Not just a number on a piece of paper.

We started using NBS exclusively 15 years ago because of their competitive interest rates. Thanks to the excellent service we receive and the sense of community we experience, we’ve been with them ever since.

We’ve been involved in the Vintage Car Club for a long time which NBS happily support.  They’ve been hugely helpful in transforming our club charitable events into big successful public events. They’ve helped us with printing, advertising support, spot prizes and loaned us mini vans at no cost to pick up some of our elderly members. It’s just these little bits of help that add up to huge support for a little local club that staggers along.

Being with NBS is a bit like joining a cricket or rugby club. We get a real sense of community. They have an AGM every year and we trot along for a short, sharp meeting where we hear about the statement of accounts. We see the profit margin and we know our money’s safe. We have a glass of wine and a nice chat to staff. You can’t do that with any other bank in the district.

A lot of our car club members have joined NBS because of the friendly staff and easy access to support. Some of our older members need help learning how to bank over the internet.  NBS staff will actually call in at home to show them how it works. You would never get that level of service at another bank.

We’ve had 15 vintage cars in our time. It used to be a major issue having the money available to make the purchase. A lot of pre-organising was involved. There’s none of that at NBS. We bought a Model-T from a guy who was a bit reluctant to take a cheque, so we contacted our personal banker at NBS. She talked to him and reassured him she’d do an automatic transfer. Five minutes later she phoned back and said the transfer was complete. He was dumbstruck. He couldn’t believe the service. It’s unheard of. That’s the reason why we bank with them.

We’re not just a number on a piece of paper.