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NBS Clients - Moonika and Evan

Making it easy for Evan and Moonika

I’ve been working as the head chef and general manager at De Ville since just after it opened about 15 years ago. I was introduced to NBS through my dad Geoff McLean, who owns De Ville. He moved to NBS when the opportunity to buy the cafe building arose about ten years ago. NBS was super flexible with what they offered him. They seem to be into supporting small local businesses. 

When I bought my first home three years ago, I chose NBS because I knew that they were very professional and accommodating. Other banks can make it quite difficult, and can be quite myopic in what they offer. NBS was a bit more flexible because they know us. I’m part of De Ville and De Ville banks with NBS, there’s a solid relationship there. 

A year ago, we bought a larger family home and NBS was super helpful. It was a really good experience. My partner and I have five kids between us. Our old house was divided into two dwellings, with a downstairs flat and an upstairs area that was just too small for us. We needed more space, so we bought a bigger house in Atawhai, Nelson. We asked NBS whether we could hold on to our existing house as a rental, and were told it was a possibility. Because it has two income streams, we were fortunate that the sums added up and were given the green light. 

Our personal bank manager is Peter Havill and he’s very willing to talk things through. You can just give him a call. He’s a straight shooter and he won’t lend you anything that you can’t afford.