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NBS Clients - Edee and Ryan

Edee and Ryan find flexibility in NBS Build Loan

Both my husband and I are self-employed. I’m a personal trainer and he’s a builder. We moved all our banking over to NBS about three years ago when we were building our first home in Motueka.

NBS were very accommodating. Due to the fluctuations in our income, both being self-employed, it was really difficult. Also, we didn’t have a fixed price contract because we were doing the build ourselves.

After six months, we’d almost given up. I walked into NBS and explained our situation. The response was ‘no problem, we can sort it’. After looking at the paperwork that same day, they said ‘we can pretty much approve your mortgage overnight’. We were over the moon.

I could have kicked myself for not going in earlier. We wasted nearly six months hunting around and battling all that negativity. It’s hard enough building, let alone dealing with that. 
During the build, NBS was great to deal with. Some banks don’t release funds until certain milestones are achieved, but NBS was flexible. We didn’t know exactly when things would be finished because we were juggling the build with our day jobs. 

Banking with NBS has a number of benefits. When we shifted our accounts, they matched the existing deal we had on our business account. If I have a question about anything, they’re happy to help. It really has that personal side. You can set up a meeting, rather than talking to a machine or being put on hold. And it’s much more convenient having your own personal banker. You feel looked after. I’ve never had to wait for anything at NBS.

I recommend NBS to my friends all the time – for the convenient, stress-free service. Staff at NBS get to know you on a personal level. They ask us about our wedding and the build, and they’re genuinely interested. You feel like you’re not just a number.