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When face-to-face matters.

NBS client - Anne Ellery – Ellery's 100%

Doing business in Greymouth.

About three years ago our family business split and we were looking at our finances. We were with a big bank at the time. We needed to make changes with the business but found it really difficult to sort through. We ended up changing to NBS because they’re local and we’d heard good things about them in the community.

It’s so much harder to source a loan when you can’t talk to someone face-to-face and explain your situation. After meeting with NBS, the transition was easy. We ended up moving all our personal banking as well and all our family members came across too.

We really like that NBS supports the West Coast directly, through all the community and sport groups that it is involved with. We see NBS staff at all the community-based events and they always stop to say hi.

The NBS model fits well with our local family owned business 100% Electrical. We’re both proud to support the West Coast. It just doesn’t make sense to be with a bank that invests off-shore.

Everything with NBS is easy. When paying our creditors with bulk payments, they were proactive in showing us how easy it is. They actually drove out and visited us and we worked through it together at my computer. Working face-to-face makes all the difference. In our small town, it’s great to have the branch right here.

The staff are very friendly and helpful. My personal bank manager is Karen. You never have to wait – there’s no wasting time in a queue. The bank managers from Nelson have also come and introduced themselves to us. It’s the personal approach that makes such a difference.

Being able to explain our business and what we need is really important to us. We’re not like those big stores – it doesn’t have to go to head office first. We’re flexible and nimble, and we want the same with banking – and we get that from NBS. We say this is what we want, and it happens. They offer solutions, rather than saying ‘sorry, we can’t do that’. All we need to do is pop into the branch to sign the paperwork.

It feels like they’re working for us. We’re not just an account. We’re a person and they want to meet our needs.