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Getting into their first home.

NBS clients - Jessica and Nick

Building their first home in Collingwood.

We joined NBS to get a construction loan to build our first home in Collingwood. We live in a small community and heard really good things about NBS. I used to work on a farm where Dean (NBS Branch Manager) was a part-owner, and I knew that he was a good banker. People confirmed that through word of mouth.

I had been with one of the bigger banks but heard negative things about them when it came to organising a mortgage. My mum was with them and she wanted to get another loan and extend her mortgage. But they refused even though she had been a loyal customer with them for a long time.

In comparison, NBS have been amazing to deal with. Everything is all very easy. It’s the simple things. You can ask a quick question if you see someone from NBS in the supermarket and you don’t feel like you’re being a nuisance. Before joining NBS, the home loan process seemed daunting. It’s the first time we’ve ever got a mortgage or built a house, so it was all very new to us. We’ve had heaps of questions about the building process and the repayments – and staff at NBS have been fantastic explaining it all to us.

I can phone any time of day and our personal banker is always available, you never have to wait. I sometimes miss calls because of motorbike noise. If she rings me and can’t get hold of me, she’ll send me a text saying: ‘phone back when you’re free’, which makes it really easy for me. It’s so much better than dealing with someone you don’t know.

At my old bank, I had to phone up to cancel my credit card. I spent ten minutes tapping numbers into the phone just to get to the right place. At NBS, a human will respond in 10 seconds. And if someone phones you back again, they always know the issue. You don’t have to explain the whole thing over again.

If I was recommending NBS to a friend, I would say “Go for it! We’ve only got positive things to say.”