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NBS Client - Allan

Banking on the West Coast.

Shifting all my banking to NBS was such a ‘no-brainer’. Twelve months ago, ANZ closed the doors at our local branch in Westport, prompting me to look at what the banks remaining in the area were offering.

A branch in my local community that I could easily visit was at the top of my list of ‘must haves’ but what really won me over was that NBS is kiwi owned - I really struggle with the notion that the profits of all the larger Aussie owned banks are going off-shore. NBS also has a real presence on the Coast giving generously to sports groups and the community.

The helpful and friendly team at NBS made the transition from ANZ super easy. They organised everything, right down to changing over my direct debits for insurance, power and other household costs. All I did was sign a form - it’s been such a smooth experience. I’d recommend the changeover to anyone.

I don’t have a computer at home, so it’s reassuring to know that I can do my banking just down the road.

I think we put too much faith in all this electronic stuff sometimes. A hole in the wall, although useful to put money in and take it out, doesn’t help with anything more complex. I would much rather talk to a person face-to-face so you can be sure that you’ve both got what you need. Trust in my bank is important, and in return they get my loyalty. The last year with NBS has been such a dream - I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m now an NBS customer through and through.