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NBS Clients - Rose and Phil

Banking with NBS is seamless – you don’t notice any big deal.

We’ve been with NBS since they opened in Golden Bay about eight years ago. Dean Lund has been our banker for a long time, he’s like a personal friend. He’s the best bank manager we’ve ever had.

We live at Tata Beach, but we’ve got a dairy farm near the township that is run by a share milker. We’re also developing 25 sections near Tākaka, adjacent to the new Rec Park Centre.

The personality of a bank manager is very important to us – you might have to phone them two or three times a day when you’re working on a special project. Dean lives in Ligar Bay and he’ll pop in to see us on his way to work to talk through any issue that might be happening at the time. Because Dean has an interest in a dairy farm, he just understands our business.

Five years ago, we started the process of sub-dividing about 20ha of land near the town boundary beside the rec centre. It has involved lots of bureaucracy, planning, and lawyers. It’s taken a fair bit of guts to hang on. A couple of times we’ve considered giving up. But we need young people here in the Bay and Dean gets that. We’ve put quite a bit of money into it to date and we need more to go into the subdivision. Dean understands what we’re trying to achieve and has helped us make it happen. It’s a big project but every business needs growth and so does the community.

We can’t emphasise enough how important it is to have a personal bank manager. It’s crucial, especially someone who is approachable, so you don’t feel embarrassed talking about financial matters. We both need to have confidence in each other.

NBS is local. The profits aren’t going to Australia, they go straight back into our community. NBS is very good at supporting the community. 

Banking with NBS is seamless – you don’t notice any big deal.