NBS Youth Account

An NBS Youth Account is a great first bank account for those under 18. Totally FREE from transaction fees* to ensure your balance keeps growing

Money in the account earns interest and there are no transaction or base fees, to ensure the balance is not eroded.

Youth Account

*Other Bank ATM charges apply

If your child is under 14, please bring along two forms of identification for yourself and two forms for your child. 

You can make withdrawals, transfer funds, make deposits, request account balances and ask for information about transactions. Your child can't make withdrawals or transfer funds, but is able to request account balances and information on transactions, order statements and make deposits.

If you wish for your child to operate the account on their own, you may be required to grant a Guarantee of Indemnity to NBS.

Children under 14 years of age can get a AccessDebit MasterCard, but they need to get a form signed by a parent or guardian first. 

Children 14 years and over are able to open and operate a Youth Account on their own.

If a child has an existing Youth account which is being managed by a parent, they can take over the operation of the account with parental permission. Where a child operates the account, no other person (including the parent/guardian) will have any ability to operate or request information on the account without the child's consent.



  • Access via NBS Mobile and Lifestyle Net

From 18 years of age the account holder may become eligible for a NBS Career Launcher account.


NBS Youth Account

All credit balances 0.25%p.a
Interest rates are subject to change.

NBS Youth Account Fees

No base or transactions fees  NIL.
Other Bank ATM Transaction fees  $1.50
Fees are subject to change.

NBS General Terms & Conditions apply.  NBS' current Disclosure Statement is available free of charge at any NBS branch.