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Here's the way to really DRIVE your savings.

NBS Target is the ideal way to reach your savings targets. And . . . for every one hundred dollars in the account, you go in the draw to win a Subaru XV - the next draw is April 2019.


  • Interest is calculated daily and paid every month
  • One free withdrawal per month 
  • Minimum account balance $100



  • Access via NBS Mobile and Lifestyle Net
  • Every $100 in your account gives you one chance to WIN a Subaru XV - Cars delivered June, September and December 2018.

NBS Target

All Credit balances  1.00%p.a.
Interest rates are subject to change.

NBS Target Fees

Monthly base fee None
If your balance drops below $100 $5.00
Transfers via NBS Mobile or Lifestyle Net (1 per month) Free
Automatic payment, direct debit N/A
Subsequent withdrawals $5.00
Staff assisted branch transactions and Lifestyle Net Free
Assisted transactions (1 per month)
Subsequent withdrawals $5.00
Electronic and Manual Transactions - fees are charged on a per transaction basis. Fees are subject to change.

NBS General Terms & Conditions apply. Target Account Terms & Conditions apply. NBS' current Disclosure Statement is available free of charge at any NBS branch.

December 2018 . . . 

SUBARU XV WINNER - Natalie Sixtus-Fenemor of Motueka

Congratulations . . . To all the branch cash prize winners!

Nelson – Barbara Dowsett, Stephanie Challis, Charles Netto.

Richmond – Donald Brandon, Patrick & Rosalie Adamson, John Worseldine.

Motueka – Jan Sagar, Thomas & Grace Turner, Rich Rutherford.

Murchison – Annette Garad, John Borcovsky, Renae Badcock.

Westport – Christine & Ross Simpson, Judith Le Pine, Philip & Lesley Rutherford.

Greymouth – Paul Holder & Juliette Curry, Robert Emerson, Phil & Adele Coll.

Takaka – Nick De Vos & Jessica Mitchell, Aydee Green, Michael & Angela Carr

Ashburton – Lorraine Register, Shirley Maw, Andrew & Amelia Corbett.

2018 Subaru XV Winners . . .

Natalie Sixtus-Fenemor of Motueka. Patrick Smith of Motueka. Fiona Hodge of Motueka. Erin & Paul Fetz of Murchison.

2017 Subaru XV Winner . . .

Andrea Bickley of Takaka.

Delivered 20th December 2017

$5,000 Cash Winners

Wayne Donaldson, Merrill Starling, Buelah Cowdrey, Sylvia Van der Oest, Alison Phillips, Callum Greenfield, Rosella O’Neil, Bevan & Valerie Gibbs, Pauline Prentice, Albert Gilkes, John & Teresa Balck, Walford & Irene Watkins, Alison & Tony Fowler, Sharon & Terry Best, Aaron Inwood, Caroline & Stephen Fry, David Orchard, Janet Goodall, Paul Storer, Terence & Carol Wastney, Susan & Lorraine Benbrook, Brian Charles, Nigel Warnes Maureen & Donald Harris, Frank & Cherie Byrne, Kathleen Rowe, Ross & Susan Allan, Grey Valley Playcentre, T & P Wareing, J M Clark, J & G Rae, Charlie Canton, J Fryer, V Dayman, A Ahnfeldt, S King, A Wright & S Holmes, H Beckers, A G Furlong, Alena Milne, S Robb, David Stringer, Max Smart, B Charles, M Sonntag, Diane Saunders-Loder, Deborah McDonald, Heather & George Terry, Robyn Deane, Clint Smith, J Gray.