Not for Profit Banking

At NBS, we're all about supporting the community and those who support us. That's why if you are a not-for-profit organisation you'll pay no transaction fees on your everyday banking, savings or investment accounts.

Products Available

  • NBS Cheque - For all your transactional requirements
  • NBS Call - Savings with a great rate
  • NBS Target - Gives you a chance to Win a Car
  • NBS Term Investment

Other Benefits in Banking with NBS

  • NBS Grants & Donations
  • NBS Merchandise
  • Use of Community Vehicles
  • NBS Marquees
  • Mobile EFTPOS Machines

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  • No transactional account fees
  • Internet Banking with Dual signatory authorisation
  • Cheque and Deposit books available

Not for Profit Interest Rates


Interest is paid on credit balances over $5,000  0.50% p.a.
Interest is paid on credit balances over $50,000  1.00% p.a.


All Credit Balances 1.00% p.a.


All Credit Balances 0.75% p.a.  


30 days                                                               1.00% p.a.
90 days    2.00% p.a.
6 months    2.65% p.a. 
9 months    2.65% p.a. 
12 months    2.60% p.a. 
24 months    2.60% p.a. 
36 months    2.60% p.a. 
Minimum $5,000 deposit.
NBS's rates of interest for a particular deposit term are based on the expectation that the funds will be deposited for the full term. NBS is not obliged to accept a request for early withdrawal of a term deposit and if it does decide to accept such a request, it may charge an early withdrawal fee in the form of a 2% per annum reduction in the interest rate calculated for the term of the term deposit.
Interest rates are subject to change.

Not for Profit Fees

There are NO transactions fees applied to NBS Not for Profit banking

If you wish to terminate your Term Investment before its maturity date or alter  the terms of the Investment, NBS may, at its discretion charge an early redemption or alteration fee in the form of a 2.00% per annum reduction in the interest rate for the Term Investment. Interest rates and fees are subject to change at any time.

To complete the account set up, you will need to provide evidence of your organisation's not-for-profit status (e.g. Companies Office registration, a tax exemption certificate)  Term Investments have a minimum deposit of $5,000.00, NBS Target has a minimum deposit of $100.

NBS General Terms & Conditions, and specific product terms and conditions apply. A current Disclosure Statement is available free of charge from any NBS branch. Service charge may apply.