Anyone who has had an active relationship with their bank over the past 20-30 years will be able to tell you that things have certainly changed through the years.

The biggest change, one could argue, has been an increase in the use of technology. The introduction of electronic and internet banking has allowed banks to shift from face to face customer interaction, via a high concentration of ‘bricks and mortar’ branches, to centralised call centres, use of computers, and other hand held devices.

Technology has also made banking far more convenient, with many consumers seldom visiting their local branch. An increasing number of clients have chosen to conduct their banking business via the internet or telephone. Banks have embraced new technology as a way to provide convenience for customers, with an additional benefit being a saving on costs as the electronic networks are cheap and efficient.

In addition to keeping pace with the latest technology improvements in banking for our customers, NBS recognises that many of its customers like to receive face-to-face service from local branch staff who know and understand their needs.

So personal service or technology?

At NBS we recognise that both are essential components in attracting new clients and retaining existing clients.

We acknowledge the importance of the ever-evolving technological age, but pledge to our clients that NBS will never deviate from our personal focus on customer service delivery. Many clients prefer to deal with a person and at NBS our staff thoroughly enjoy their interaction with our clients. The choice is yours . . .


NBS is not a registered bank.