Tony Cadigan - CEO

NBS CEO Tony Cadigan

As CEO, my aim is to ensure NBS keeps providing an unmatched client-centric, community-focused banking service to our valued clients.

By leading the development and the implementation of a new organisational structure and our Strategic Plan, together with my team, I look forward to taking NBS to the next level so we can keep doing more for our clients and our communities. 

The key to successful management is transparent, open and inclusive communication, and creating a co-operative working environment. Of the utmost importance to me is creating an environment where my team can thrive and achieve their full potential. 

Executive Team

OWP3047 Toni M Lane
Toni M. Lane

Head of People and Client Experience

Howie Timms
Howie Timms

General Manager
Commercial and Marketing

OWP1490 Helen
Helen Ibbotson

General Manager

OWP1511 Garry
Garry Hammond

General Manager
Risk and Compliance